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Midnight Madness

Hey, everyone! I should NOT be up at this hour-but I am! Before I hit the hay I wanted to post a few pics of today's achievement. I made birthday cards for all the women in our Relief Society who have birthdays this month. I had a lot of fun using the positives and negatives of the same cutouts AND using the same designs but changing it up a little. I enjoyed using my Cuttlebug and my gems! I also had TONS of fun with my glitter gel pens! I even made the envelopes using my Plantin Schoolbook cartridge. The card itself and the flowers are from the Gyspy Wanderings cartridge. The cards are actually two tags welded together. they are cut out at 5 inches. The flowers are cut out at 3.5 inches. The inking of the edges and on the front of the cards was done using Martha Stewarts pastel pink ink. My gel pens are from Walmart, they are called Mainstays which is Walmart's own brand. they are acid free and so vibrant! They touch up so nicely! The stamp I used on the inside of the card i…

WOOT! MMMMMMMonday...blah

Hey, everyone! Happy Monday! I hope you all are gettin' crafty with it today! :) I just found out about some amazing products! Check out Purple Cows! I cannot WAIT to get some for if only I could find that, money money money! :P It is official, this week is my week to finally catch up on some of my blogging! Barring anymore family incidents, I should be caught up in the next few days. Now, off I go to finish my second admission project for the Above Rubies Studio design team call! (Wish me luck!) TA!


Hey, everyone! How are you all doing in this new year? I am just reeling! This year is my husband's and my 5th wedding anniversary! I cannot believe it has only been 5 years-it has seemed like an eternity of sorts. Our life has taken some pretty extreme and unexpected turns in the past 4 years and it has beaten us up pretty bad. BUT!! We are still here and stronger than ever! Through challenges we find our true strengths and weaknesses and I have been seeing a lot more of my strengths in the past month and I am thrilled. Without going into too much personal detail, that would utterly bore you guys, I realize that I have been in a sort of 'pity me' daze for the past 4 years and I am SO over it! Yes, my husband and I have had our struggles, especially financially, but who hasn't? We have learned a lot about each other and, more importantly, about ourselves. This year brings me a changed state of mind. Instead of looking at all the failures in everything, I am changing my…