Monday, August 27, 2012

Beep Beep!

Good afternoon, y'all! How is everyone today? I have ANOTHER post for ya! WOOT! :P This post actually goes way back to the beginning of summer, right before my hands became infected! On his last day of pre-school, my son Joseph was invited to his first birthday party. My JoJo was SO excited! His friend Michael chose a pirate theme which the boys ate up. Michael's mom asked that we make donations in lieu of gifts but being low on funds, we couldn't even do that. So I decided to make him a gift,(why not?)and I decided to try my hand at a mini album. I was lucky to find the Cricut Beep Beep cartridge on clearance for $15, along with the Cuttlebug folders-it was a sign! Michael and JoJo love to play with cars so I figured I would make a Beep Beep album. The album turned out well and I can't wait to make another. If you have any questions about dimensions please leave a comment and I will get it to you. I will say this, it was an envelope album and the dimensions for the envelopes are 7 1/2in x 5 1/2in. For the tags inside the envelopes, I welded together the tag and car images then layered the car pieces on top of the tag itself. Thanks for stopping by, again! I cannot wait to post again soon. Take care and have a great evening!

My pirate. Arr!

My goofy pirate trying to put his sunglasses on over his eyepatch.

Birthday Butterflies

Hey, my peeps! Guess what! I have another post for you!! August is the birthday month for both my sisters-one on the 6th, the other on the 30th. So I have been making their cards/gifts. Because of my hands, I am way behind. But I did get my one sis' card done. She LOVES the color orange-obssessed is not even strong enough to describe her addiction-so I always use orange for her b-day cards. This year I did something different and combined the orange with pink. It is quite possibly the best card I have ever done. So there.

For this card I tried the card feature of the Art Philosophy cartridge for the first time. I cut the card at 5 inches on some gorgeous, double-sided paper. This worked out well for me as I was able to use the butterfly cut outs as embellishments on the front of the card. Then, using packing tape, I glittered the negative image on the card base itself and added some Liquid Glass to get a 3D effect. It worked perfectly! The positives of the butterflies added the perfect touch, I think. I love the whole 3D effect the card has. I used some sticjles and Liquid Glass to add some more texture to the cardstock and really help the beautiful pattern to pop! I can't wait to try out more of the cards on the cartridge. I hope you enjoy! Take care! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yummy Fiesta Alfredo!

Hello, everyone!! How are all of you doing today? I am doing absolutely FANTABULOUS!!! It feels so good to be back into the normal swing of things again! How I missed by blog, my friends, and my crafting! I also missed everything else-laundry, cooking, even diaper changes! It's funny how much you learn to appreciate when you are unable to do any of it. I am sure I will get over it soon, but for now I have a delicious post for you. After 6 weeks of being completely useless, I was able to make my family supper again!!! I love to cook and experiment, to some degree, with my cooking. One thing I dreamed up when I was in the hospital was a delicious Mexican/Italian combination. I LOVE Italian food and once in a while I like to have some Mexican. I had a craving for both so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone. When I was in the hospital, people from our church brought my hubby and kidlets tons of food. We got a LOT of chicken! LoL So I was thinking of two main recipes to have with chicken-Fajitas and Fettuccine Alfredo. Why not mix them?? The end result was DELICIOUS and a huge hit at my table. I hope you all enjoy this post and I would love to hear your takes on this recipe and I am curious to see how many others will try it. :)

3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts (any type of chicken will do)
1 each of red pepper, orange pepper, yellow pepper, and green pepper
1 onion
2 cups of sliced mushrooms (I couldn't add them because my husband is extremely picky!) 
1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
1 package of Fajita spice
1 can of Cambell's Cream of Chicken soup
1 jar of alfredo sauce (any brand)
1 package of Fettuccine noodles

Brown chicken in skillet with vegetables. When chicken is browned, add Fajita spice package and about 1/2 cup of water.

Add soup and alfredo sauce. Bring to a slow boil. Add cheese and melt into the sauce. Serve a top noodles and enjoy!

 For a thinner sauce, you can add 1/2 cup of milk.

The biggest test-my picky eater!
(He LOVED it!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Finally Back!!! Well...almost.

Oh my goodness!!!! It is SO good to be 'back'! The past 6 weeks have been Hell!!! Ironically, the day of my last post, I got a prescription for an antibiotic to cure an infection I had in my right pointer finger. I have eczema and it is very sensitive to weather. During our hottest and driest week, my eczema became painfully dry and cracked which let in normal bacteria that is found on our hands. Unfortunately, I also have asthma and severe seasonal allergies. (Seasonal allergies were the worst this summer too!) So on top of all the 'fighting' my poor body was doing, the infection was too much and it overran my system. To make a long, and extremely painful, story short the infection overtook both my hands rendering them useless for the past 6 weeks. I am on my 6th or 7th course of antibiotics. After being in and out of the ER on IV antibiotics for a week and a half, and the infection only getting worse, the doctor finally admitted me to the hospital for 4 days last week. I had nightmares of having my hands amputated to stop the spread of the infection! It was horrifying!!!After talking to a dermatologist and using big words that I could not possibly understand or pronounce, let alone remember, the doctor said I was to be given an IV with antibiotics every 8 hours, plus an oral steroid pill, plus an allergy medication via my IV, all the while slathering my hands in a steroid cream and having their wraps changed twice a day. I am still on the oral antibiotic and steroid pill on top of my regular medication. Needless to say my body is on medication overload and I can't stop the shakes which is driving me nutz! BUT! I can use my hands!! Come to find out, the steroid was the key and my infection was gone within a few days.

I have never gone through anything like that before in my life. It was so bad that my husband had to dress me, feed me, EVERYTHING! I couldn't write, use the computer, hold my phone, NOTHING! I couldn't feed my kids, clothe them, comfort them, play with them--my poor 1 year old was starting to think I didn't love him anymore because I couldn't touch him. It broke my heart and made me cry more than once! And worst of all-I couldn't craft!!!! UGH!!!! Literally, all I did for 6 weeks was sit with my hands elevated. That's it. Can you say B-O-R-E-D!?! Anyway, the doctor let me come home Friday morning, with strict instructions on what NOT to do, (which is pretty much everything), while my hands heal. I surprised my kids and hubby by coming home 3 days early and first thing in the morning--and it was the best reunion EVER! I think my neighbors down the street heard my kids' squeals! Oh how good it felt to pick up my babies and hold them and hug them and kiss them!!! Of course, my 1 year old has not stopped needing my attention since I got back but it is worth every slobbery kiss!!! I am the most loved mommy IN THE WORLD!!! My poor hubby is finally relieved of his 'single parent' duties to some degree as I am now able to help around the house more every day. Tonight I was even able to cook supper!! (Yummy post to follow.) My husband is an AMAZING man with AMAZING strength and patience. The poor guy deserves a holiday! As for my hands, they are definitely raw as I lost most of the top several layers of skin on both hands, and I certainly ain't at 100% yet. But time will callus them and I will be back to normal in no time...and begging for a break no doubt. LoL Now, time to get back to life and see my oldest baby off to his first day of Kindergarten in a week! *sniffle* Somebody wish me luck-I'm gonna need it! Take care!

Here's a peek at my infection. There is a gap, however, from the time I was in the hospital as I was without my camera. But those pictures would be too horrific to show on here. (No word of a lie!)

How it all started.

The infection after I finished my 1st
course of antibiotics.

Halfway through my 3rd course.
By the time I was in the hospital,
my entire right hand and 3/4
of my left were entirely covered
by the infection seen here.
Then my skin started to die and
come off leaving deep raw areas
all over my hands and fingers.

3 days after I got home from the hospital.
Infection is gone but the damage remains
to be seen. My hands are hypersensitive
right now and so I have to be careful.

The new skin is extremely thin and will take months to
callus and be at 100%.