Monday, September 12, 2016

Good morning, readers! How are y'all today? It's Monday! Normally Mondays are rough for me but today is a NEW Monday! Today, for the first time in over 10 years, I am home. Alone. All. Day. No noisy video games or tv shows. No kids screaming and fighting over everything and nothing.Just peace and quiet. So refreshing!

So, today I want to show you the beautiful September Stamp of the Month from Close to My Heart.

Ta Da!!!

Is is such a beautiful stamp set!! But it's only available for the month of September so get it before it is gone! You can click here and purchase the stamp for $23 plus shipping OR you can place an order of $50 or more and get the stamp for only $6!!! That is a savings of $17! Don't miss out!

Now, onto my day! I hope you all have a very blessed Monday! TTFN!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Create Kindness Kit

Hello, everybody! How are my much beloved readers today? I am back and in full swing! I have been a Close to My Heart Independent Consultant for 2 years now and I think it's time to incorporate it with My ScrapNook! I love Close to My Heart products. The quality is refreshing and dependable. When I use their products I know my project will be high quality and long lasting! (Almost sounds like a toothpaste commercial...) So to begin I want to first share with you our special for this month - the Create Kindness Kit!!

Create Kindness Kit

This kit includes:

8 stamps
24 pre-printed card bases and envelopes
2 x 2 acrylic stamping block
Archival black mini pigment ink pad
My Acrylix® Mini Stamp Organizer

Celebrate National Stamping Month this September with hand stamped cards designed to help create a little more kindness in the world. The Create Kindness card kit has all of the supplies you need to create 24 beautiful, handmade cards that you can use to brighten someone’s day!

Thanks to the pre-printed card bases, these cards come together in no time, leaving you more time to do something thoughtful for someone! Watch the hashtag #createkindness on Instagram and Facebook to see what acts of kindness these little cards are inspiring, and join the conversation by posting some pictures of your own!

It's a steal of a deal and only available until September 30th or until supplies last. So hurry now and get your Create Kindness kit today! Buy it for yourself or buy it as a gift for a friend. Either way, this kit will bring happiness into your life and the lives of others. The world needs more kindness in it so let's act now and be the difference. :) Take care my readers and have a great day! ^.^

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy First Day of School!

Happy first day back to school!!! (Well it is here...) My baby is in Grade 1! And my eldest is in Grade 4 with my middle one in Grade 2. I have NO idea how or when that happened! But my kids sure were excited to get to school today! They wouldn't even hardly sit still long enough for me to take a picture! For a scrapbooker like me that's really difficult to accept! But I made it through so I think I will be okay. ;) I wish you guys all the best, both students and parents alike, this school year.

I am excited because this school year is a brand new start for us as a family. My hubby, who has been off work due to health problems, is going to school himself for 6 weeks! At the end of which he will have a Class 1 driver's license with air brakes, and 14 safety tickets which will allow him to get a job in the Oil & Gas or Construction industries. For the first time in over 10 years my hubby will have a job!  He. Is. THRILLED!!!!!!! I am so happy for him! So our family dynamic is about to change drastically! My oldest is only 8 so he only knows daddy to be at home all day, except when he was in the military. But Joey was only 1 year old at the time so he doesn't remember much. This also means that for the first time in over 13 years, I will be home. Alone. All day. By myself.

Whatever shall I do?!? Any suggestions? Leave a comment below!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

It's Here!!!

It's Here!!! It's really here!!! It's the NEW Holiday Expressions! And it's jammed packed full of goodies that you won't be able to resist! -the papers! -the embellishments! -the stamps! -the ideas! Oh I almost can't contain myself! Come take a look and see what I mean!

Friday, May 1, 2015

May at Close to my Heart AND It's National Scrapbooking Month!

It's May!!! Woo hoo!!! And to top it off, it's National Scrapbooking Month! You know what that means? GOODIES!!! This month is jammed packed with goodies!!! This month has so many awesome promotions-I am so giddy! Eeeeeee!!!!! (Hee hee hee) Check it out!

 Don't forget that when you place an order of $50 you are able to get the stamp of the month for only $5.
Just Sayin'

Also, don't forget the new Seasonal Expressions 2 catalog! So many new items to choose from! But they are only available until August. So order now while supplies last!

Order online at my website

If you have any questions about how to place your order, email me or comment down below with your questions.

Have a great weekend, everybody, and take care!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Seasonal Expressions 2 is here!!!

Check out these adorable products from this second seasonal catalog! I am in love with the Blossom items-especially the cute little metal rimmed accents. I cannot wait to start playing with these products and I know you won't be able to keep your hands off either! The new stamps are to die for and the new bubbly embellishments are a MUST HAVE! The delightfully covered albums in this catalog will brighten your day! Go over to my website and click on the April Showers gathering to place your order now before these products are sold out. Once they are gone they are gone for good.

Don't forget to place an order for $50 or more so you can have the stamp of the month Typed Note for only $5!

Also, for the month of April ONLY you can purchase product for nearly half the cost! Check out our Deal of the Day promotion and treat yourself to some AMAZING deals!!!

Order online and your order will be shipped directly to your door! No matter where you live, your products will find you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! That is what I am here for! Leave a comment on this post with the name of your favorite new Seasonal Expressions 2 product and be entered in a draw for a Close to My Heart product surprise!! Like me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for extra entries! I will draw the winner on June 1st!

Take care, my friends, and have a great rest of your week!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hey, everyone! Me again! I just wanted to let you know about this months deals with Close to My Heart.

First, this month is really special because everyday is a deal! Check out the deal-of-the-day every day in April!

And don't forget about the stamp of the month for April! Only available until April 30th and only $5 when you place an order of $50.

So head on over to and dive in, my peeps! Treat yourself to a wonderful month of April wonders!! To place an order or April, click on the link named April Showers and join in this month's gathering! Bring your friends too! Have a wonderful rest of your day! Take care!

HAAAALLLLPPP!!!!! Heh heh heh.

Good after hello! How are my readers today? Yup, my posts are few and far between right now. BUT! I am setting my business up and trying to get things settled so I can bring everything to you guys! Video tutorials are in the works! Yay!!!! However, I am not here today for my crafting and business stuff. I am here because I need to ask for your help. There have been a lot of things happening in my life lately that have really thrown me around. I have picked myself up and dusted myself off and thrown myself back into the fray. However, I need some help with some of my life's biggest trials right now. I have started a GoFundMe account in hopes that I can reach out to you and maybe find some sort of support. A lot is happening in my life but some of it is good and I need to finish the fight with the other stuff and get it out of my way for good!

Also, if you want to help but are more into getting something more out of it for yourself too, (other than the warm tinglies for helping someone ^.^), hop on over to my website and place an order! You will be helping me out AND you will be treating your self all at the same time. :)
Thank you guys for all of the support you have given me and thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate you all and hope you all have a wonderful day full of many blessings. Take care!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Am I...back?

Hello, my friends! It is I, your long lost crafter! Where have I been you ask? Well...I've been right here. LoL The truth is, I have been incredibly busy! Between 3 kidlets who are growing like weeds, and a hubby who who has PTSD, I have been very preoccupied. Also, I have had some health issues which have complicated things. BUT! I am back! To make it even better, my baby started school this year! Though I definitely miss the baby stages and having my kids home with me during the day, I am grateful to get some serious me time. I have been working at starting my own home business which is very difficult for me where I live. Unfortunately, there are no financial entrepreneur type helps for someone on territorial disability. Because of my young age, I am unable to get federal disability. So, I have found a good start. I am now an Independant Consultant for Close to My Heart! I love being able to share some of my favorite products with others. What makes it even better is that I have my very own website! This means that anybody can place their order with me and it will be sent to them directly. I am very happy and excited to show you many projects and tips-finally! As soon as I get my technical difficulties under control, I will be able to start making videos that will show you all the many different ways to use each product!

It feels so good to be back! I have missed the encouragement and joy from all of you. While I can't promise I will be perfect at what I try to do, I can promise that with your constant support I can definitely do my best. :) If there is anything you would like me to do videos or posts about, please leave a comment below so I can make a list! ;) My hope is that I can help you find the best way to bring out the passion , beauty, and absolute joy of your projects. Let me show you how!

TTFN ^.^

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Good morning, everyone! How is everyone's week going? I hope you are finding as many blessing this week as I am. :) Today is Creative Card Tuesday at My Cricut Craftroom and I have some cute cards from the new Artiste cartridge to show you.

Today's theme is Pop-Up Cards which is new for me. (Confession: I have never made a pop-up card!) I decided to challenge myself and try out one of the pop-up cards on the Artiste cartridge. What did I think?  One word-EASY! I really enjoyed putting these together. They took minutes!

I cut out two cards from pg. 51 of the Artist manual, one at 4 inches and the other at 5 inches. These are the pop-up inserts as they cut out.

Following the guide marks, I scored the inserts and folded them This is how they should look before you glue them into your cards.

I also cut the card bases themselves, again at 4 inches and 5 inches, but for some reason I have no pictures of them. The beauty of this image is that you can make your own card base for the insert. 

I kept the front of the cards very simple. I wanted the WOW factor to be on the inside of the cards. The card bases were cut out of red cardstock while the inserts and front mattes were vanilla colored cardstock. The mattes I cut myself and made them to be 1/4 of an inch smaller than the card itself.

First, I cut out this image, also on pg. 51, in both brown and red cardstock. I cut several of each at different sizes, 1 inch, 1.25 inches, and 1.5 inches. In the above photo, you see how the image cuts out. Generally the thinner, hollow heart piece is thrown away or used for another project. I used all the pieces for my cards. ^.^

I took two of the skinny hearts of the same size but different colors and cut a slit in one of the hearts. This way I can make the hearts look as if they are one piece together. 

After cutting the slit, I wrapped the red heart so that the slit was underneath the top brown heart. This helped to hide the cut and make the embellishment look finished.

For the 5 inch card on the left, I put the whole heart image together as it is supposed to be and added a sparkly font stick for the "I". The "YOU" was cut at 1 inch from the Cricut Cakes Elegant Cakes cartridge. The words "I" and "YOU" on the 4 inch card on the right were from an old stamp set. I also used a fine tip red marker to add stitching and detail to the word "LOVE" on both cards.

To finish my project, I cut the envelopes from pg.51. I cut one at 4 inches and the other at 5 inches. 

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week! Take care!