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Gotta love duct tape!

Hello, all! How is your summer going? Mine is massive crazy!!! Tons of stuff happening which is exciting for my family. In the meantime, I have done some crafting which I will be posting as I can. Internet is expensive up north and we don't get unlimited internet, so I have to post within our internet limits.
Today I am posting my awesome new chair! Which is actually 4 years old...and not a chair. :P I play piano. I love it, can't live without it. When my husband and I moved territories, we had to leave my big baby behind. *sniffle* My mom bought me a keyboard and stool to keep me satiated until I can be reunited with my piano. The stool just happens to be what I am most comfortable sitting on so I sit on it while crafting too. Between my music and my crafting, my poor stool has been VERY used. I sat down on it a couple of weeks ago and it split! The whole top piece of fabric nearly came off! Instead of panicking, I simply went through my crafting supplies, as would any craf…