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W-O-W!! Check this out!!

Gotta love Facebook! I was on my Facebook this afternoon and came across an AMAZING giveaway! The Twinery is celebrating surpassing the 7000 Facebook fans mark!!! What an awesome achievement! To celebrate they are giving way an awesome prize including a huge bundle of some of their twine, $100 gift card from MICHAELS, and a wonderful NEW book chalk full of creative ideas from non other than the queen herself-Martha Stewart!! It is such a huge event and so exciting-I have goosebumps!!! (Mind you it could be the desk fan...) Check out The Twinery and join the celebration! If you're not a fan you will quickly become one!! Happy Sunday, y'all! Take care!!!

My Pinkalicious Blog Hop!!!!

Hey, my peeps! (I sooo should NOT be up at this hour...) I have been hopping along with Robyn and her crew! Check it out and hop along! Then proudly post your creation for all to see. Robyn and her team are so great and love seeing what everyone else comes up with. I know it wasn't made for the hop, but I have decided to use my kiddies' spooky ghosts as the project for the blog hop. One thing I am trying to do is get more creative on crafts I can do with my kidlets. I cannot seem to spend enough time with them and they are both SO IN LOVE with crafting! We kind of came up with this ghost project together at their little picnic table in our living room. I brought out some supplies and we went from there. The foam cups were daddy's idea! So it is a family project that my kiddies are so proud of! Every morning they come down to the living room and point out their ghosts dangling from the ceiling. (Mommy thought of using fishing line to hang them so it looks like they are floa…

Spooooky Ghooosts!!!!!

Hey, guys! Sorry I haven't been around much. I have been spending a lot of time with the kids and my hubby. This past weekend was our Canadian Thanksgiving. I have also been working on some crafts with the kids for Halloween. I have some projects to post but need to finish. I will, however, leave you with pics of my my two oldest children and their spooky ghosts that we made out of foam cups, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes! Take care, everyone!

Home sweet *snore*

Well, I am finally home. The trip I took with my 3 1/2 yr old son to Edmonton, Alberta was fun. It was crazy busy too, but we were able to squeeze in a very fun half day at West Edmonton Mall with my sisters and their sweet darlings. I am actually sitting in bed right now because I am sick. LoL Yup! One 3 day trip and I am wiped! Mind you, it had a lot to do with the fact that our plane home was delayed from 8:30pm to midnight. I am EXHAUSTED. Yup! We spent HOURS in the airport with a 6mnth old and 3 1/2 yr old. (I should really stop saying 3 1/2. He will be 4 in two months! Yikes!) Then a nice 1 1/2 hr flight home. I was up 19 hrs+ trying to keep up with my energizer bunny! Anyway, it was quite the trip and I even got to hit a Michaels! I am so excited. I grabbed some pretty sweet deals and can't WAIT to start making projects with my newest toys. :) However, it will have to wait until this head cold/chest infection is gone. Oh the joys of being sick! Just keep the Neo Citron comi…