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Mother's Day Gift

Hey, everyone! Yes, I know it is late, but I have a LOT going on right now-mother of three, four if you include my hubby sometimes. ;) Anyway, I made something special for my Mommy this Mother's Day. She works in a legal office and has TONS of desk space! (I am a little jealous...) Also, my mom LOVES flowers but they are, unfortunately, out of my budget. :( So I made some flowers and a vase. The best part is - the flowers will never die!!! And, if worse comes to worse and she hates makes a great paper weight. LOL (I already gave it to her and she loves it - phew!)

The inspiration actually came from a post over on one of my FAVE blogs. Arin at A Piece of Life's Pie, ( CHECK HER OUT!), inspired me with this post. I have been dying to try the paper strip flowers and figured this was my chance. I LOVE them! I am actually impressed by how this turned out. (Go me!! :D)


Paper - atd Family Ties specialty collection paper stack (bought at Walmart)
Brads and Ribbons…