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Oops! LoL

Well, I was checking up on new posts over at and saw that Robyn had the winners posted for the cards post. Then it hit me-I forgot to post my cards! LoL Silly me! I put them on my blog but forgot to post them to Robyn's contest. LoL Oh well. My boy is off for his second day of school and I am definitely in need of a nap. Talk to y'all later! Take care. :)

Monday Madness

Hey, everyone! Happy Monday actually Tuesday because it is past midnight and yes I wrote this all in one big breath! LoL Just a quick post to tell y'all to head over to Above Rubies Studio for an awesome tutorial and some sweet giveaways! Take care!

Sweet Sweet Blogginess! (cont'd)

All right! Let's see if we can get those photos up! Take care!

Sweet Sweet Blogginess!

What a sigh of relief! To sit down on a Friday night after a long and BUSY week and have somewhere to connect with friends, share some thoughts, and get crafty! I love my blog! Again my internet is acting up so I have been unable to post some new projects. I will attempt it tonight-wish me luck!

So, I decided to make an effort to work on some cards for a very good cause. Robyn over at put up a post by request from a fellow viewer.

Cancer has been a bit of a bother in our family. My grandmother died of breast cancer many years ago and my Daddy was slowed down by both Liver cancer and Kidney cancer. The kidney cancer led to him losing the use of his kidneys and having to go on dialysis for the rest of his life. Among many other things, my Father fought and won but was taken down by the aftermath of the cancer.

So, I made two cards. I thought a lot about my father and what we went through as a family, as well as it being his mother that died of breast cancer, and I c…


Helloooo. How is everyone tonight? I am so proud of myself because last night I was able to get 3 scrapbook pages completed! WOO! It has been a HUGE while since I did a layout for my children's scrapbooks. Here they are! I have also posted 'Beautiful' along with some instructions on how to make it at Club Ruby Designers. Feel free to take a gander and join up. It's free! Take care!


WOW! Look at this awesome site I found!!! AND there is a great party happening-what a great time to find it! LoL Join in the fuuuun!!!


Good after hello! I am soooo tired! And in desperate need of crafting! BUT...not tonight. It seems my 3 year old boy got bored during nap time. He plastered his room from floor to ceiling, (not exaggerating either), with poop! Delightful! It took my husband and I hours to clean the room-and we haven't even started on the bedding and toys yet! And I think his carpet is a lost cause. *sigh* You know you love your child when, even after seeing a poop painted room, all you can do is sigh and point towards the bathroom. I do love my sweet prince. Even if I will be smelling poop for the rest of my life! LoL I can't believe he is going to pre-school in a couple weeks! I think I am going to hyperventilate-! I think I need sleep. Nighty night, all!! Sweet poopless dreams! (Here's to hoping!)

...and here we go again...

Well! I apparently have the worst luck with my internet! AGAIN while posting last night, my internet went out! LoL So I guess I better pick up where I left off-and hurry so I can get it done before the internet decides to kick out on me again! I made the envelopes out of the same paper I used for the cards. I just flipped them around so the pattern was on the inside. I have Robyn at My Pink Stamper to thank for that. What a great idea!

...and going...

Some more projects! (Well, mostly cards.) This was my baby sister's Birthday card for her recently passed birthday. She loves the color orange and is also an AMAZING chef! So I made her a cake! (Teehee!) I even made the envelope to go with it.

Still going...

These are also cards I made 'just because'. My husband bought me the Twinkle Toes and Sweet Shop cartridges, along with some new packs of brightly patterned paper, beautiful ribbons, and some new cuttlebug folders-so I wanted to play! This is what I ended up with.

Here We Goooooooo!!!!

Good evening, everyone! Welcome to all my new followers. I have quite a few projects to post so here we go! First, this is a Birthday Card I made just for fun. I used some glitter pens I bought at Walmart. They work so well and leave such a beautiful shine! The second card I actually made to enter into My Pink Stamper Design Team Call Challenge. Unfortunately, my internet went out two days before the project was due so I missed out. BUT I still have a cute card! :) I also used a saying from Robyn's stamps but cut it out with my Cricut as I have yet to have bought her stamps. I am definitely going to though-they are GREAT stamps!

MPS Pinkalicious Blog Hop!

Hey, peoples! Yes, I know it has been an extremely LOOOONG time since I last posted anything. i had troubles with my internet for several weeks and the past week has been spent trying to enjoy what little summer weather we have left! SO! Here I am and don't worry-I have TONS of projects to post...when I have more than a minute. For now here is a project I actually just did tonight for Robyn's blog hop. It is my sister's birthday in a couple of weeks so I made a card-BUT! It is a new type of card for me. (Actually, I did two new types tonight. I will post pictures of both.) I tried the tri-fold style card for my sister and a slider card for her sweetheart's birthday. I LOVE trying out new ways of paper crafting! I think I did pretty darn well...considering it was my first try. Now I MUST get some sleep, y'all! I will talk atcha very soon! Take care!