Good after hello! I am soooo tired! And in desperate need of crafting! BUT...not tonight. It seems my 3 year old boy got bored during nap time. He plastered his room from floor to ceiling, (not exaggerating either), with poop! Delightful! It took my husband and I hours to clean the room-and we haven't even started on the bedding and toys yet! And I think his carpet is a lost cause. *sigh* You know you love your child when, even after seeing a poop painted room, all you can do is sigh and point towards the bathroom. I do love my sweet prince. Even if I will be smelling poop for the rest of my life! LoL I can't believe he is going to pre-school in a couple weeks! I think I am going to hyperventilate-! I think I need sleep. Nighty night, all!! Sweet poopless dreams! (Here's to hoping!)


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