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Homemade Embellishments!

Good after Wednesday, everyone! (A.K.A. Thursday) Today I am excited to post my very first set of homemade embellishments! I found these cute little wooden shapes at Walmart. I paid $1 for 9 wood shapes. I had no idea, at the time, what I was going to do with them. They were just so cute and perfect shapes for my daughter's scrapbook. So I bought them-and boy am I ever glad I did!!! I got some great ideas to paint them but couldn't wait long enough for me to actually go and buy the paint. LoL So instead I used Bic Mark It markers. BOY did they turn out GREAT!!! The colors are absolutely fab and the gemstones and stickers made awesome additions. I also used some twine and, of course, some tulle. I think they turned out amazing considering it was my first go! What do y'all think? Take care and have a great almost Friday!!! :)

Easter Cards

Hey, everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post to show off two new cards I made. A lady from my church actually asked me to make an Easter card to send to her parents. My first order! :P So I made these. The first one turned out too small so I made the second one. The first one was 5 inches and the second at 6 inches. Well, I gotta jet! Have a great weekend, everybody! Happy Easter and take care!!!

Easter On Time!!!

Hey, everybody! I can't believe I can say this but I actually have a holiday craft to post-on time! WOOT! A lady in my church taught our Relief Society, (women's group), how to make the most beautiful Easter eggs EVER!!! They are so incredibly easy to do and-I think-strongly compete with Fabragé eggs! The best thing is-the possibilities are endless! (And cheap!!!)

To make these eggs, all you need is:

Foam eggs (a variety of sizes is available at your local craft store)
Sequins (assorted)
Beads (assorted)
Sewing pins (you can use different kinds for different effect ie: pearl headed pins)
Glue (I use Aleen's Tacky Glue)
And, of course, your Imagination!

You can start from either the top or the bottom of the egg, (I prefer the top). Add a dab of glue to the area you plan to put a sequin. This will help hold the egg together as time goes by and as the eggs are 'handled'. Thread a bead onto the pin and then stick the pin through the center of the sequin onto the egg. I…