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Two Challenges In One

Well, I have been working on some blog challenges of other people and I actually ended up joining two into one. The first challenge was from Robyn's blog hop this month over at My Pink Stamper. The second one was another challenge from Robyn, it was a birthday challenge.  So the first thing that came to my mind for both challenges was the two biggest national holidays that happen in North America during summer-Canada Day and The Fourth of July! Both holidays are some of the biggest parties  in summertime-AND they also just happen to be birthday parties for our countries! What a coincidence! So, I had a hard time choosing what to do-so I did both challenges in one. BUT I made two cards-one for Canada and one for America. :) Here you go, folks! Hope y'all enjoy! Take care.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there. Enjoy your special day. I am blessed to have my husband home with my children and he is their entire world. For father's Day I wanted to do something incredibly special for him-and then I pulled or strained muscles in my abdomen somehow. So unfortunately, my poor husband has a full day. But I think we will make next Sunday fathers Day for him. I did make his card but his gifts are stuck in a Canada Post warehouse somewhere on lock down. My poor honey! Oh well. At least he knows he is loved-this morning our son came into our room and woke daddy up by poking him in the eye with his special card. he then proceeded to tell us that "Mommy sleeping! Daddy sleeping all done!" So Mommy was told to stay in bed and Daddy was told to get up and come play. (Not sure if I should take that as an insult or a blessing....I took it as a blessing.) So here is the card I made for Daddy. Unfortunately, my hand writing leaves something to …

Hump Day!!

Woo! Today is Wednesday-AKA Hump Day. Which means-absolutely nothing out of the ordinary for me...LoL Anyway, I have a few projects I have been working on and so I have some pics! Yay! I actually completed this project last week but I couldn't post it until it was given to the recipient-my mom and step-dad. It was their wedding anniversary and so I made them a card. The other project I am working on is not finished yet so it may have to wait. :P Talk to you guys soon! Take care.

Comments Commented!

I have had a few people tell me they cannot reply or comment to my posts. I figured out why and fixed the problem. So now I expect some love! *TeeHee* Sorry about the inconvenience, folks. I appreciate your patience and your visits! Take care!

Princess Baggies

I was cleaning up today and ran across the little bags I made for my daughter's birthday party a while back. I put her new Barbie clothes in them, (I ran out of wrapping paper!). I used the Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge. Hope y'all had a great Monday. Take care! :)

2 Cards A Day...!

I had a blast last night playing with my gypsy and my stamps. I made two more cards for y'all to see. I am thinking it is time to build up my cards stock so that I can have a card available for any occasion that decide to sneak up on me-and believe me it happens a lot! So here y'all go! Have a great Mondaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

Baby Explosion Boxness

Well, I finally finished the gift for my sister to take to her friend's baby shower. I am quite happy with it. AND oh my gosh!!! I forgot to tell y'all the great news! I finally got my Gypsy!!! WOOHOO! I bought it at a steal of $187 (Cdn) at Walmart Thursday night. It has taken me the past few days to figure it out and get a good feel for it but I LOVE it!! I actually used it for the baby explosion box I made. Here are some photos for y'all to enjoy. :) I must go make a salad and a dessert of some sort for tomorrow's pot luck after church. Y'all have a great evening and a great rest of your weekend. 

Convention Smonvention. :(

I am SO jealous!!! There is a HUGE scrapbook convention going on in Northern Texas. I did not even know they have conventions like that! SO COOL!!! Now if only I had the money AND the way there...sometimes Canada sucks. Where is our scrapbooking convention, people?!? Maybe I should start one! AHAHAHA! Actually... :P Well I must go make a card for a baby shower my sister is attending tomorrow. Hopefully I will have some pics to post later on tonight or tomorrow. Take care! 

Cricut Software Frustrations

I have tried numerous times to download the free trial for the Cricut Design Studio Software and I cannot open it no matter what I try. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions? I am buying the Gypsy and I am wondering if it is even necessary to buy the software if I have the Gypsy. What do y'all think?

Thursday Madness!

Last night was awesome! We had a wonderful bout of refreshing rain which took the dust away and cooled us off nicely! Unfortunately, when I woke up this morning, that beautiful rain turned into-SNOW?!? It's June!!! The snow melted as soon as it hit the ground-thank goodness!-but created chaos. My poor kidlets were all off today with the major lack of sun. But after a good nap I think they will be back to normal. The silver lining to the unexpected white fall? Well it will kill off all the bugs AND it is cooling off our apartment quite nicely. So I guess it just may be a blessing in disguise. 

After a nice refreshing jaunt over to, I am ready and raring to craft! But first, I need to finish up the paperwork for school funding so I can get my brain back into gear come September. I am excited to get back into learning. So off I go, my friends! Happy Thursday!!!