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Then There Were Two!

Good evening, everybody! How are you! I hope you have had a great weekend and are all geared up for Halloween. :) Sadly, we caught the flu in our house several weeks ago and it took a very long time to leave! So, we never got around to decorating our house this year. However, my husband and our 4, -almost 5!- year old son started carving the pumpkins today. They are huge!!! So huge, in fact, that it has turned into a 2 day job just to carve them. Today they cleaned the pumpkins out and tomorrow they will finish carving them.  Our daughter and absolutely no interest in helping, (I don't blame her). Our youngest, Embry, was content to watch so long as nobody came near him with the pumpkin innards, (again, I don't blame him). Here's some pics just for fun!

Now, down to some cleaner craftiness. I don't mind watching the pumpkin carving but I have no interest in being a part of it. I am just the camera! MY work is less messy...well more often than not anyway. 
I have really…

Fall Mini Book

Hello, everyone! How are y'all?? I know I know, I disappeared for a while. The truth is, I lent my computer to somebody who needed it for the past few weeks. I am back and have a ton of stuff to show ya. For this post I have to be quick. I found out this afternoon about a design team call and it ends in 38 minutes! Talk about getting it in by the skin of my teeth! But not bad for only knowing about it a couple of hours!

For the submission, we have been asked to do make something with our cricut that is new and it needs to be Fall themed. So, for my submission, I decided to do a cute little mini book for my sister who is expecting a girl in February. I enjoyed it so much that I think I am going to do another mini book for the other three seasons to complete a mini collection for her little one. I used my cricut and the new Close To My Heart Artiste cartridge, (which I am IN LOVE with!!!), as well as the Art Philosophy cartridge. The pages of the book are chipboard pieces from Close…