My Pinkalicious Blog Hop!!!!

Hey, my peeps! (I sooo should NOT be up at this hour...) I have been hopping along with Robyn and her crew! Check it out and hop along! Then proudly post your creation for all to see. Robyn and her team are so great and love seeing what everyone else comes up with. I know it wasn't made for the hop, but I have decided to use my kiddies' spooky ghosts as the project for the blog hop. One thing I am trying to do is get more creative on crafts I can do with my kidlets. I cannot seem to spend enough time with them and they are both SO IN LOVE with crafting! We kind of came up with this ghost project together at their little picnic table in our living room. I brought out some supplies and we went from there. The foam cups were daddy's idea! So it is a family project that my kiddies are so proud of! Every morning they come down to the living room and point out their ghosts dangling from the ceiling. (Mommy thought of using fishing line to hang them so it looks like they are floating.) It is definitely a project that I will be continuing as a tradition for our family and I would like to share that with everybody. Other than Mommy being in charge of the low heat hot-glue gun, (say that ten times fast), the project was entirely theirs to create and enjoy. (They also added some stickers in the back of their ghosts. There is no ending a project in our house without the use of stickers!) I am very proud of my babies and their beautiful craft. I hope you all enjoy it too! Take care and have a wonderful, EVERYONE!!!! P.S. I will try and post the SIMPLE instructions I get some sleep. :D


  1. Kid time is so special and important! Thank you for linking up and hopping with us!

  2. The cups you made with your kiddos are super cute. Good for you for sharing your hobby with them and spending so much quality family time!! Thanks for joining Robyn's My Pink Stamper Pink-alicious Blog Hop this month!!!

  3. Family Time is the BEST! Thank you for joining in on the fun at My Pink Stamper's Pinkalicious Blog Hop! :o)



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