Birthday Butterflies

Hey, my peeps! Guess what! I have another post for you!! August is the birthday month for both my sisters-one on the 6th, the other on the 30th. So I have been making their cards/gifts. Because of my hands, I am way behind. But I did get my one sis' card done. She LOVES the color orange-obssessed is not even strong enough to describe her addiction-so I always use orange for her b-day cards. This year I did something different and combined the orange with pink. It is quite possibly the best card I have ever done. So there.

For this card I tried the card feature of the Art Philosophy cartridge for the first time. I cut the card at 5 inches on some gorgeous, double-sided paper. This worked out well for me as I was able to use the butterfly cut outs as embellishments on the front of the card. Then, using packing tape, I glittered the negative image on the card base itself and added some Liquid Glass to get a 3D effect. It worked perfectly! The positives of the butterflies added the perfect touch, I think. I love the whole 3D effect the card has. I used some sticjles and Liquid Glass to add some more texture to the cardstock and really help the beautiful pattern to pop! I can't wait to try out more of the cards on the cartridge. I hope you enjoy! Take care! :)


  1. very cool card there ! I llove the shimmer effect! Your sister shares a birthday with the hubs on the 6th!


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