Beep Beep!

Good afternoon, y'all! How is everyone today? I have ANOTHER post for ya! WOOT! :P This post actually goes way back to the beginning of summer, right before my hands became infected! On his last day of pre-school, my son Joseph was invited to his first birthday party. My JoJo was SO excited! His friend Michael chose a pirate theme which the boys ate up. Michael's mom asked that we make donations in lieu of gifts but being low on funds, we couldn't even do that. So I decided to make him a gift,(why not?)and I decided to try my hand at a mini album. I was lucky to find the Cricut Beep Beep cartridge on clearance for $15, along with the Cuttlebug folders-it was a sign! Michael and JoJo love to play with cars so I figured I would make a Beep Beep album. The album turned out well and I can't wait to make another. If you have any questions about dimensions please leave a comment and I will get it to you. I will say this, it was an envelope album and the dimensions for the envelopes are 7 1/2in x 5 1/2in. For the tags inside the envelopes, I welded together the tag and car images then layered the car pieces on top of the tag itself. Thanks for stopping by, again! I cannot wait to post again soon. Take care and have a great evening!

My pirate. Arr!

My goofy pirate trying to put his sunglasses on over his eyepatch.


  1. super cute and so creative when in a pinch! I bet this will be cherished for years to come for the little pirate!


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