Yup, Saturday...

Yes, I have a third post today! I had so many pictures to post and it worked better if each topic was a seperate post. This is the project I was working on a couple of weeks ago. It was the explosion box gift 'cake' that I made for my grandma's birthday. Her birthday was yesterday so now I can finally post the pictures. I had tons of fun with this gift. The bottom box was the actual birthday card. The middle box is what we put her gifts in. The top box was the most special. It was called her 'special things' box. All of us family members wrote what we thought was special about her in this box. We filled it up with her strengths and skills. This is for when she feels lonely or is having a bit of a down day. She can take out her box and remind herself of how special she is. I did forget to take the picture of it when it was finished. I am kicking myself for it! I made a cute little butterfly to go on the bow at the top. I wrapped it with with ribbon on all four sides and tied it at the top with a pretty bow. Here are the pictures I took before we filled it.

This is her 'Special Things' box.

Gifts went in here. You cannot
tell in these pics but all the box tops
are made from heavy glitter cardstock.
This is the actual birthday card.
My grandma loves flowers so
I stamped this paper and colored it
myself. Then I added some mini bling.

Close up of my stamp work and detail.
Also, all the boxes were made from
heavy fabric cardstock.

(Minus the pretty ribbon.)


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