'Tis Thursday and CHA is OVER!

All right. I have to be honest with you guys. I have gotten very little done lately as I have been absorbing all of the videos from CHA on people's blogs. The products that have come out are just inspiring and fun!!! I am so jealous of all those people who live so close to such wonderful supplies! Me? I live in a tiny town waaaaay up North and my only place to shop is half an aisle in our Walmart. Yup! That's it. Pitiful, huh? But hey! I have managed to do pretty good with what little I have had. And I have even been able to pick up some small things at Michaels when I was in Edmonton for my son's medical tests. There are sooo many things I can't wait to  try! I don't know yet how I will get my hands on them-but I WILL get my hands on them! In the mean time, for some awesome product peeks, check out PaperClipping's blog. There are so many videos to watch! My FAVORITE product peek over there is Ranger Ink's Dylusions. Dyan Reavely is an AMAZING artist!!! Her products look like an artists wish list for bliss! I am awestruck! Even my husband applauded her! My husband!!!?! I have so many beautiful ideas for cards and layouts-I can't wait to get dirty!!!! Also, a 'must check out' item is the new DIY Thickers! (I bet Megan Elizabeth over at Above Rubies Studio is going crazy over them!) What a great way to personalize any layout!!! ACK! So many ideas!!! Another product I am tripping over is Megan Elizabeth's new Edgers! FINALLY an edging ink pad made for me!!!! I also can't WAIT to see her Sparkle Lights! AHHHH! So many great things and I am going crazy with ideas and projects I can't wait to work on! Now if only I could find my money.....here, money money money!


  1. Hi, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I live close to where CHA was held and I did not go this year, mainly because my kids were super sick and we were suppose to have company in town... There is always next year or this summer!


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