My First Photo Frame!

Hey, everyone! I hope y'all are having a great Sunday. I know I am. I have heard some really great church talks today and they gave me such peace. I love being at peace. It warms the heart and soul. :)

 I am very excited to share my first home decor project today!! I bought a really cute photo frame when my eldest was still a baby, and an only child. However, life got in the way and I never got around to putting it up. I found it the other day and decided to get down to business. But when I took a look at it after I framed the photos, I felt it seriously lacked in decor-ation. (Get it!) So I decided to try and spice it up a bit-and I LOVE IT!!! I would really like to know what y'all think. I am very proud of it and am looking for my next home decor project...what would 3D flowers look like on the entertainment stand....hmmm I wonder....

Take care!!

(Silly me forgot to take a 'before' pic until after I already started embellishing.)


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