Am I...back?

Hello, my friends! It is I, your long lost crafter! Where have I been you ask? Well...I've been right here. LoL The truth is, I have been incredibly busy! Between 3 kidlets who are growing like weeds, and a hubby who who has PTSD, I have been very preoccupied. Also, I have had some health issues which have complicated things. BUT! I am back! To make it even better, my baby started school this year! Though I definitely miss the baby stages and having my kids home with me during the day, I am grateful to get some serious me time. I have been working at starting my own home business which is very difficult for me where I live. Unfortunately, there are no financial entrepreneur type helps for someone on territorial disability. Because of my young age, I am unable to get federal disability. So, I have found a good start. I am now an Independant Consultant for Close to My Heart! I love being able to share some of my favorite products with others. What makes it even better is that I have my very own website! This means that anybody can place their order with me and it will be sent to them directly. I am very happy and excited to show you many projects and tips-finally! As soon as I get my technical difficulties under control, I will be able to start making videos that will show you all the many different ways to use each product!

It feels so good to be back! I have missed the encouragement and joy from all of you. While I can't promise I will be perfect at what I try to do, I can promise that with your constant support I can definitely do my best. :) If there is anything you would like me to do videos or posts about, please leave a comment below so I can make a list! ;) My hope is that I can help you find the best way to bring out the passion , beauty, and absolute joy of your projects. Let me show you how!

TTFN ^.^


  1. Hi! If you're the same "scrapnooker" that has an account on, would you please log in? I sent you a message a while back (if it's you!) and am trying to piece together some family history that we may share. Thank you!

  2. Well, I do have an account, yes, but I do not see any messages from you. You can email me LLeMay2007 at gmail dot com


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