Criss Cross Dropbox *tee hee*

Hello, everyone! How are all you fine people today? I have a quick post today. I made another criss cross card, (I am ADDICTED!!!), and I wanted to put in a plug for a fantabulous!!! I have been using it for a while now and I-CAN'T-LIVE-WITHOUT-IT!!! It is an awesome program that shares all of your files with ALL of your electronic devices! You don't have to transfer files from device to device anymore-it's AWESOME!!! It has made my life so much more organized and so much easier. Whether you are a crafter, business person, or just somebody who needs a place to store stuff, Dropbox is DEFINITELY the place for you to be! (No, Dropbox is not paying me to say this. I am doing this on my own.) So check it out and let me know what you think! Also, when you sign up, if you tell them I referred you, I get more free space and so do you! Did I mention that Dropbox is FREE? It is!! Just try it out!

Alright, here's my card today. The dimensions are the same as in my last post so I will only post the pics here. Ta and have a great rest of your day!


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