Healthy Shmeathly?!

Good fantabulous Tuesday morning, all!!! How was everyone's Labour Day weekend? Mine was filled with sickness. My whole family caught a head cold and so we lazied around wiping noses and watching Mighty Machines over and over and over again. Fevers are gone and all that's left behind are sneezes and slightly runny noses. My big boy, *sniffle*, is gone for his second day of school and I am learning new ways to fill my time without his chaos around. LoL (I say that with love!)

Getting kids to eat? Challenging. Getting sick kids to eat? I won't go there. In an attempt to get my kids to eat SOMETHING I decided on the healthiest option. Can you guess what they had for lunch?

SO, after making such a healthy choice for lunch, *ahem*, I decided to throw a little more 'health' into supper...which is hard to do when they choose Hamburger Helper for dinner. I am not a fan of Hamburger Helper but my hubby is and so it ends up on our grocery list every now and again. Again, all for getting my sick kids to just eat something, I said "sure-but I am going to healthy it up!". To which my husband hung his head. I didn't do much and believe me when I say I only made it better. The kids inhaled it-as did my hubby-and I do believe it will be a 'regular' form of Hamburger Helper from now on. The not-so-secret ingredient? Broccoli!!! My kids LOVE their vegetables, (thank goodness!), and broccoli happens to be one of their faves, (how'd that happen?). So, thinking of that cheddar & broccoli rice that everyone loves, I decided to make cheddar & broccoli Hamburger Helper. Yay me! And I have to say that even the toughest critic of Hamburger Helper, (me!), LOVED it!!! Tried, tested, and approved. Who says unhealthy isn't healthy? >.> Ta!!!


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